About ClubDogMom

So, I'm on the phone with my best friend comparing her daughter to my dogs (I've got to stop doing that lol). She's talking about the woe's of motherhood - the early mornings, late nights, cleaning, cancelling of plans, her desire to take a vacation but needing a trustworthy sitter.

And then it hit me she doesn't understand that being a DogMom can be RUFF too! That I can relate to her motherhood experience more than she can imagine. Not just the woe's but the joy, the passion, the happiness of seeing your hard work and commitment grow into something beautiful. That I'm waking up everyday, working hard to provide a better life for my furbabies.

I wanted to create a community for moms like me. Moms who WEAR their dogmom title proudly! Welcome to the Club!

Meet the First Pups of Our Brand, Leo and Creed

Leo, mommy's saving grace, is a shy, gentle soul. He is very calm mannered and kind. Leo enjoys the indoors. He is most comfortable wherever his dogmom is. Rather it be snuggled directly next to mom on the sofa or his head laid directly on mom's hand while she is actively trying to type on the keyboard. 3 year old Leo has adjusted well to being an older brother. Leo likes for everyone that visits our home to rub his head and belly.

Creed is the younger pup brother of Leo. Just 2 months shy of being a year old Creed is very energetic and loves the outdoors. Creed will lay out on the backdeck for hours with a refreshing bowl of cold water. Creed is a rule breaker and moves to the beat of his own drum. While being complete opposite of Leo, Creed and Leo get along very well and are often seen snuggling together at the fireplace in the evening.